The chop shop produces some great flower. We have dubbed this location "the chop shop" because they have tried many different lights, soil and nutrients. But one thing they have always stuck with is our humidifiers!
Hey Cali, it's about to get humid out there! Stop in to @greenacreshydro and show some love to our newest west coast Horticat dealer. This is the time of the year when the dry months can destroy your overall product but mainly affect your harvest weight. Get true humidity with the markets only wall mount, no fill, mess free humidifier!
A bunch of happy customers are getting ready for the dry, cold winter months!! #horticat #horticathumdifiers
The Summer sale has begun! If you don't need humidity now, you will in a couple of months! So stock up and get your garden, home, wood shop or humidor at the proper humidity levels! #horticulture #woodworking #cigar #gardening #grow #horticat
Sheesh a little deleaf and a second layer of trellis going up on this room! Been battling a cal mag issue but these suckers are hitting the lights on 9ft ceilings 😳😳 #horticat #horticathumidifiers #growing
Good news, we extended the contest drawing until next Monday and added a 2nd place prize! A signed and framed Cheech and Chong picture
We know times are tough for most so we are doing our first open promo code for the U80Pro and a giveaway as well!
Follow us and tag 3 friends to be entered for the giveaway! Drawing will be held Monday November 28th at 4pm est, entries will be closed Sunday night the 27th at midnight. Tag some friends follow our page and win the industry's best no mess wall mount humidifier! Promo code will be good on our website till December 1st, goodluck.
Our first trade show went pretty well, got to talk to some old connections and made some new. We also got to realize some vary good things about our units compared to other companies units. Did you know that our units are about 5-10% of the energy consumption of other styles?
Quick little stand we built for a mobile setup to showcase our U80Pro with pump. We are at Adrian Indoor Garden for their vendor day, if you are local stop up.
Come see us at our first tradeshow appearance! We will be in booth 243 and we just might have some tradeshow specials!
So we have had a couple customers on Amazon saying our units light up like a disco ball and how this will ruin your grow. I'd like to take this time to say we have run our units in flower rooms for over 3 years and never had one plant flip or hermi. I'm also going to go out on a limb and guess these same customers have never seen the moon at night. We as a company would never admit a light that could cause harm to your plants and are working on turning our communication lights from blue to green just to ease some people's minds.
Who needs some humidity? Get any room to proper humidity levels with our no mess, wall mount, direct connect ultrasonic humidifiers!
Not to bad for a run with multiple problems and sick plants. Yes you read that right, we must admit and learn from mistakes made or we will never better ourselves. 
We started to see numbers decline across the board for about 6-8 months and little did we know we were battling an invisible issue. We went crazy in every room we help with from replacing nutes, changing every filter and many other things. All of this to figure out our mothers were all sick with viral infections after many of test and countless conversations with many great people in the industry the mystery was solved. 
We lost the battle but we will win the war! What sucks the most is strains we worked hard to have are lost forever, but with every ending become new beginnings and it's back to pheno hunting and get back on track.
Always a good feeling! In the end good or bad doesn't matter at this point because you get to move on and give it another shot.
Weird enough the only time this garden caught a lite case of pm is the time we learned the UV light in the duct burnt out. We run UV in all of our rooms as just another level of protection against airborne issues.
When adjusting your float in the original U80 we suggest going no more then 1/2 inch above the line drawn. Most units will run at optimal output when the water level is at the height of the line we drew on in the picture. If you have any questions feel free to message us here for the quickest response.